A Thousand Sounds

"Mammoth melodies, evocative imagery... the band creates discord and sonic chaos that is gorgeously layered into a symphony of pop magic." - Mobangeles

"A Thousand Sounds takes Skyfactor's swanky swagger and puts it into overdrive, stretching out their enormous melodies and making every studded nuance of their rhythm larger than life... a one of a kind listen from an awesome band that refuses to blend in with the crowd." - Gashouse Radio

"A treasure chest of musical might... boundless grooves and extraordinary melodies. Every so often a band will make an album that tests their sonic boundaries and nudges its players to yield some of the most provocative content producible. This is that album for Skyfactor." - IndieShark

"Skyfactor have done a lot of great things in the last twelve years, but never have I heard a more comprehensive representation of their aesthetic than I do in A Thousand Sounds." - Skope Magazine

"Skyfactor's most well-rounded and mature full-length album yet... a diverse collection of tracks that furiously press against the speakers and demand a reaction from listeners. Skyfactor pulls out all the stops and delivers something that amplifies all of their best qualities and melds them into a single tour de force." - NeoFutur

"A truly emotional, authentic slab of rock n' roll that defies categorization... Skyfactor is a powerful force to be reckoned with." - The IndieSource

"A smorgasbord of postmodern tones, transcendent beats, and lyrics that refuse to draw from the same jaded well as the band's peers. Though nothing could quite capture the stage presence of a band as focused and in sync as these guys are, A Thousand Sounds comes about as close as you can get." - Too Much Love Magazine

"A Thousand Sounds elevates Skyfactor's sweltering style of melodic songcraft to a uniquely sublime level... pop gems played through the lens of acoustic hard rock as we've never heard it before. An emotional, tightly wound release from a stellar group that has truly come into their own." -

"Skyfactor don't rest on their laurels in their latest studio offering; if anything they go back to the drawing board and cultivate the qualities that have made them such a big draw since their inception." - IndiePulse Music

"A multifaceted adventure that doesn't stick to the script... a kaleidoscopic offering of the band's trademark tonality." - Vents Magazine (UK)

Signal Strength

"Skyfactor delivers... Like a heavyweight boxer, the impressive songs keep coming at you one after the other. A strong and consistent musical statement from start to finish - catchy, melodic, and highly original." - Indie Music Digest

"An enthusiastic 4 out of 5 stars... some of the best songwriting I've heard this year... All in all one of the most therapeutic, interesting and captivating musical productions I've heard... It definitely sets the staple standard for the genre." - Vents Magazine (UK)

"Hooked from the first track, the album twists and turns the way great albums should... I am left bemused how they are not yet a household name... the musicianship, the production and the performance all knit together beautifully - even brilliantly." - Rock'N'Roll View

"Unique yet accessible, the Skyfactor formula is a testament to how they insist on shifting the face of alt-pop rock... intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies are the heart of these songs. An awesome album - 5/5 stars." - Indie Artists Alliance

"Skyfactor smashes through the mold with their impressive sound and catchy vibe... they are the ultimate slam pop band out there right now. A hard-hitting signature sound and impressive grooves... bands like this are not a dime a dozen." -

"Catch of the month! Exceptionally entertaining... masterful songwriters, and the musicianship is off the chain. World class rock with a poetic flair and a grand slam live show." -

"Soul-stirring harmonies and a jagged alternative rock style. A real jolt to the senses... radio-friendly songs of the highest order... a breath of fresh air compared to what's out there right now." - Skope Magazine

"A new and exciting band that's not afraid to take chances with their music... the album delivers on all fronts and quite frankly BLEW ME AWAY with a vibe that is unmistakably Skyfactor." - Music Emissions

"A stunning collection of music that has much to offer insofar as impressive music and captivating vocals. Musicianship is rock steady... a great set of songs." -

"A mature, tight rock album that kicks and sticks... What's great about Skyfactor is that in an age of ever-increasing synth polishing, they remain organic." - Angelica Music

"Pure rock the way it used to be, via full-tilt playing, hooky grooves and a top tiered sound. The ultimate in musical intoxication... a musical landscape full of power and intrigue." - Los Angeles Music News

• "A captivating band that hypnotizes audiences with catchy hooks and harmonic grooves, Skyfactor will sweep you off your feet in a whirling tornado of energy, talent, and the seductive spirit of rock 'n' roll." - @GarciasAtTheCap

Skyfactor headlines Garcia's at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester (The Rivertowns Enterprise)

Bands With W'chester Roots Look Forward to Capitol Theatre Gig (The Examiner)

Skyfactor To Perform At Garcia's In Port Chester (The Daily Voice)

Skyfactor opens Soul Asylum show; Releases new album (Town & Village, NYC newspaper)

• "This was my first time seeing Skyfactor, who played a blinder of a gig at The Bitter End. I got there early and enjoyed the 4 other artists who played before them. However, I immediately noticed the change in atmosphere when these guys grabbed their instruments and jumped on stage. The place got louder, more heads started to bop, and more eyes were fixed on the four New Yorkers rocking their simple but damn catchy melodies, which left most of us humming their songs on the train ride home." - Michelle Ryan, Read full article & view video

Skyfactor Headlines Benefit, Raises $8000

Read a profile of Skyfactor and a review of Daydreams at Angelica-Music, a great site for indie bands.

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